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  • I consider myself lucky to have found one such place at MDPI, where all of the above is true (we don’t quite shake tubes, but no one would stop us if we really wanted to). Instead, we get to stay up to date to the latest scientific discoveries while also making sure others can openly access them as well.

    Irina Lucaci

    Assistant Editor

  • Working for MDPI, I have the chance to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Everyday I have the opportunity to help spreading the scientific information by assisting many scientists around the world, and by being part of a community that values people, culture and knowledge.

    Daniel Iosub

    Section Managing Editor and Section Training Assistant

  • When I was a kid I was breaking the toys to see how they work, then as I grew up I found my passion in the technical part. I started looking for a place to follow my passion - until I found the right place - "MDPI". As a Production Editor, I get the chance to learn something new every day, to strengthen my skills and I have experienced a sense of community stronger than I'd seen before.

    Hussein Al Rubaidi

    Production Editor

  • One of the things I like the most about MDPI is that we share the same values: integrity, flexibility, commitment, positivity, efficiency, innovation, and excellence. If you have your own values aligned with the ones of your workplace, you can build a strong working relationship and you can communicate your ideas and opinions openly. I feel inspired by my work because I know that my contribution has a positive impact on the overall success of the company.

    Roxana Hanganu

    Group Leader Production

  • There are many challenges along one working day, but I think the most challenging one is to help to support everyone. I try to keep active the good vibe, the positive thoughts and the feeling that our work is priceless. The most rewarding thing of this job is to see that our customers are satisfied and happy that they chose us.

    Theodora Felegean

    Special Issue Editor and Group Leader

  • What is MDPI for me? First: it is a pleasant and friendly community. Second it's a job, that, in my case, incorporates some of my passions, helped me to get past my anxiety and keeps me in contact with the scientific community worldwide. The best part is that I have the opportunity to contribute to the scientific advances of our days and help newer colleagues.

    Robert Feurdean

    Special Issue Editor and Group Leader

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